Rules & Regulations:  The following rules and regulations are part of the Exhibitor’s contract and each Exhibitor shall be bound by such rules and regulations set forth herein and by any such amendments or additional rules and regulations which may be established by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), or through its affiliates.

Organizer:  “Organizer” as used herein shall mean the sponsoring organization, association or institute or its officers, agents or employees acting for it, in the management of the exhibit.  In this instance, Organizer shall be the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA).

EXHIBIT ELIGIBILITY / CHARACTER OF EXHIBIT: The Organizer reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in the Exhibit space. The character of all exhibits is subject to the approval of Organizer. Organizer reserves the right to refuse inclusion in the exhibit space, at its discretion, of any Exhibitor that does not meet Organizer/Meeting standards, and to curtail exhibits or parts thereof that do not appropriately reflect the character of the meeting. This right of refusal applies to persons, conduct,  articles of merchandise, printed matter, souvenirs, catalogs and any other items, without limitation, that effect the character of the exhibit or meeting.  Exhibits are restricted to products and services related to the professional nature of each individual Organizer meeting.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: (A) Neither the management of the host facility nor Organizer shall be liable for the damage, loss or destruction to the exhibits by reason of fire, theft, accident or other destructive causes. Exhibitor shall lease booth(s) at its sole risk. Neither the management of the host facility, Organizer, nor any of their agents, officers, servants or employees will be accountable or liable for accidents to exhibitors, their agents or employees. (B) The Exhibitor shall be liable to the host facility and/or Organizer for any damage to the building and/or the furniture and fixtures contained therein which shall occur through acts or omissions of the Exhibitor. (C) Exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Organizer, the host facility, their officers, employees, and agents against all claims, losses and damages to persons or property, governmental charges or fines, including attorney’s fees, arising out of or caused by Exhibitor’s installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy, or use of the exhibition premises or any part thereof, including any outside exhibit areas. (D) Exhibitor acknowledges that Organizer does not maintain and is not responsible for obtaining any insurance on behalf of   Exhibitor.  Exhibitor shall obtain its own insurance coverage, sufficient to insure against any possible liability.  

CHANGES & FORCE MAJEURE: The Exhibition date and hours are as indicated on show-related website and material.  Organizer reserves the right to change the Exhibition date or hours for any or no reason whatsoever. In such event, Organizer shall notify Exhibitor as much in advance as reasonably possible. Organizer shall not be liable hereunder and shall be excused for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations due to: Acts of God (e.g., earthquake, fire, flood, tornado, etc.), Acts of government (e.g., war, embargo, travel restrictions, curtailment of transportation facilities, etc.), Acts of man (e.g., terrorism, strike, civil disorder, etc.) or any other circumstance over which Organizer has no control, making it impossible, illegal, or impractical to conduct the meeting and provide the exhibit facility as originally agreed upon.

CANCELLATION & REDUCTION OF SPACE: All cancellations or reduction of space requests must be in writing. There is a 100% penalty fee on all cancelled or reduced exhibit space. All cancellations or reduction of space include the forfeiture of exhibitor badges that were originally allocated with the booth space.

AGE RESTRICTIONS:  Persons ages twelve (12) through fifteen (15) are allowed on the floor during exhibit hours only and only with a parent or chaperone; children under twelve (12) will not be granted access at any time. Youth must remain with their chaperone and students will be required to provide student ID. Absolutely no one under the age of sixteen (16) will be allowed access to the exhibit hall during set up/removal periods.

ATTENDANCE: The Organizer shall have sole control over attendance policies at all times.  Organizer does not warrant or guarantee any particular results of the exhibition, nor does it guarantee a particular number of attendees or exhibitors.

ITAR & EAR REGULATIONS: Vendor displays are subject to the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and are limited to public domain information (ITAR Sec.120.11). In addition, displays, literature and discussions will NOT reference missions, operations or units. Organizer is not responsible for the enforcement of ITAR and EAR Regulations; please check with your internal security officer on these matters.

FLOOR PLAN:  The Organizer reserves the right to rearrange the final floor plan based on unsold or unoccupied exhibit space.

INSURANCE:  Fire, theft and personal liability insurance, must be taken out by each Exhibitor at its own expense.

DEFACING OF BUILDING: Exhibitors are liable for any damage caused by fastening displays or fixtures to the building floors, walls, or to the standard booth equipment, or for damage caused in any other manner. Exhibitors may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesive or any other coating to the building walls and floors or to standard booth equipment.

DISPLAY RULES & REGULATIONS: NDIA adheres to the International Association of Exhibitions and Events Display Rules and Regulations. To view the display standards, contact NDIA Show Management.

ISLAND BOOTHS: No pipe and drape will be provided for island booths.  Generally, the maximum height limit for island booths is 20’, including signage.  All booths must comply with the host facility rules on the height restrictions at their specific location on the floor.  Please see further information included in the Exhibitor Service Manual.

LINEAR BOOTHS: Exhibit backgrounds may not exceed 8’ (2.44m) in height, including signage. The maximum height of 8’ (2.44m) is allowed only in the rear half of the exhibit space, with a 4’ (1.22m) height restriction imposed on all materials in the remaining forward space. Where an unfinished portion of an exhibit is exposed, the offending surface must be made presentable. 

BOOTH CARPETING: Exhibit booths must have all visible floor space carpeted. Exhibitors are responsible for supplying or leasing their own carpet. If an Exhibitor elects to supply their own carpet, it must be in good condition and fully cover the allotted space, or the Exhibitor will be required to rent carpet from the official service contractor.  Information regarding ordering carpeting and other booth furnishings is provided in the Exhibitor Manual.

HANGING SIGNS: Maximum height of hanging signs will vary depending on the event venue.   Please submit all renderings for approval of hanging signs to the Show Manager named on the Exhibit Space Contract. Please include the height at which your sign will be installed. Installation of all hanging signs must be arranged through the host facility. Outside rigging companies will not be allowed access to rigging points inside the Convention Center/Hotel. Please see further information included in the Exhibitor Service Manual.

USE OF SPACE: Demonstrations must be contained within the booth space. If booth visitors/spectators overflow into the aisles or adjacent booths, or otherwise impede normal traffic flow, Organizer has the right to limit, discontinue or move the demonstration area causing the problem. Distribution of samples and printed matter of any kind, or any promotional material, is restricted to the confines of the exhibit booth.

COVERED DISPLAY / SECOND STORY DESIGN:  For special rules regarding these set ups, please see further information included in the Exhibit Service Manual.  Two (2) copies of the plans must be submitted to the Director of Exhibits for approval no later than deadline stated in the online Exhibitor Manual.  A fire watch will be required on all covered and second story booths.

SOUND DEVICES: Sound of any kind must not be projected outside the confines of the exhibit booth. If the nature of the equipment to be displayed is such that a loud noise is part of the performance, the Director of Exhibits must be informed. Mechanical or electrical devices, which produce sound, must be operated so as not to prove disturbing to other Exhibitors.  Show management reserves the right to determine the acceptable sound level in all such instances. This will be strictly enforced.

MUSIC LICENSING:  The Exhibitor shall be responsible for securing any and all necessary licenses or consents for any performance, displays, or other uses of copyrighted works or patented inventions and use of any name, likeness, signature, voice or other impression, or other intellectual property owned by any third party which is used, directly or indirectly, by the Exhibitor.

The Exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Organizer harmless from and against any claim of liability and any incident or resulting loss, cost or damage including cost of attorney’s fees) for failure to obtain these licenses or consents and/or no infringements or other violations of the intellectual property rights or the rights of privacy or publicity of any third party.

CAMERA/RECORDING EQUIPMENT: Unauthorized photography, video, audio and other recording devices will not be permitted in the presentation rooms and/or exhibit hall. Exhibitors are responsible for the appropriate handling of technical information presented in their space. Please review your policy documents, and that of the government agencies with whom you contract, regarding open/limited/restricted distribution and sharing limitations.

EXHIBITOR REPRESENTATIVESRESPONSIBILITY: Each Exhibitor must name at least one person to be its representative in connection with installation, operation and removal of exhibit. Such Representative shall be authorized to enter into such service contracts as may be necessary, and for which the Exhibitor shall be responsible.

EXHIBITOR APPOINTED CONTRACTOR (EAC): An Exhibitor may employ the services of an EAC to install and dismantle their display, providing the Exhibitor and     the EAC comply with the show rules and regulations set forth for EACs. EACs and their employees will not gain access to the exhibit hall unless they are properly registered with Organizer in advance.  EACs must adhere to all rules and regulations set forth by the Organizer.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: The Organizer must approve requests for any distribution of food and beverages. Please refer to the Exhibitor Service Manual for sampling or additional guidelines.

LABOR:  Exhibitors must comply with union work rules where applicable.  Information regarding Union labor is provided in the Exhibitor Service Manual.

EXHIBIT LOGISTICS: Detailed data, in the form of an Exhibitor Service Manual, will be sent to each exhibiting company. Exhibits website as referenced in the Exhibitor Service Manual in ample time for advance planning. The Exhibitor Service Manual will contain information regarding the Official Service Contractor, shipment, labor, electrical services, rental items, exhibit hours, etc. Service order forms for all available services will be included and should be returned promptly.

FAILURE TO OCCUPY SPACE: Space not occupied by the time specified in the Exhibitor Service Manual prior to show opening, is considered to be forfeited and may be resold, reassigned or used without notice or refund.  Please notify Organizer of your intentions if you plan to arrive later than the time specified.

FOREIGN EXHIBITING COMPANIES: Each exhibiting company bringing equipment from outside the United States is responsible for ensuring that all equipment and display items have the necessary documents to meet the Rules and Regulations of Customs and procedures for admission into the country.  The Organizer or its sub-contractors cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions or be held liable by the Exhibiting Company in the event that the Authorities raise any questions regarding the Entry Forms.

SELLING ON THE TRADESHOW FLOOR: No cash and carry sale of goods as in a retail setting is permitted from an exhibit booth or in the exhibit facility. Exhibiting companies found participating in this action will be removed from the show floor and no monies will be returned for booth fees.

SUB-LEASING:  Exhibitors may not assign, sublet or apportion any part of their allotted space to others without prior written consent of Organizer. Only one company may occupy any booth space (no sharing of space).  Exhibitors may not display goods or services other than those manufactured or distributed by them.

SECURITY: The Organizer will employ reputable guards during the course of the Exposition. The duty of the guards will be to protect the general exhibit against fire or other catastrophes. The Organizer, Show Management, nor the owners or leasers of the exhibit premises will assume any responsibility for Exhibitors’ personal property.  The Exhibitor is responsible for insuring its property against loss and theft.  Forms for individual security will be provided in the Exhibitor Service Manual.

FIRE AND SAFETY LAWS:  Federal, State and City fire laws and/or safety regulations must be strictly observed.  Booth decorations must be flameproof.  Wiring must comply with fire department and underwriters’ rules.  Smoking is prohibited.  Crowding will be restricted.  Exhibits cannot block aisles and fire exits.

COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS:  Exhibitors must comply with all laws, rules, regulations and ordinances in force.

REJECTED DISPLAYS:  The Exhibitor agrees that its exhibit shall be admitted and shall remain from day to day solely in strict compliance with the rules set forth herein.  The Organizer reserves the right to reject, eject or prohibit any exhibit in whole or in part, or any Exhibitor or its representative, with or without giving cause. Liability, in the case of other than for cause, shall not exceed the return to the Exhibitor of the amount of rental unearned at the time of ejection. If an exhibit or Exhibitor is in violation of pre-established rules or removed for any other stated reason, no return of rental cost shall be made.

SIMULATED WEAPONS: Exhibitors shall not exhibit live firearms in their exhibit space or use live firearms in any demonstration. Simulated or de-activated weapons may be exhibited but will require the necessary approval from the relevant authorities. 

Compliance checks will take place before and throughout the Tradeshow/Meeting to ensure that equipment, services, documentation - and all other forms of visual promotion and display - comply with the above-mentioned conditions. If an Exhibitor is found to be in non-compliance, the Organizer will take appropriate action which may involve the removal of equipment, documentation and/or visual promotional material from the exhibit booth into safe custody. The booth may be closed immediately and the Exhibitor will have no claim for redress against the Organizer, nor will Exhibitor receive any fee refund. The Organizer reserves the right to make the final decision concerning the eligibility of exhibits and matters of compliance.

AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT:  All exhibitors must comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are to be as reasonably accommodating as possible to attendees with disabilities.

TEAR DOWN:  No displays are to be dismantled prior to the end of the Tradeshow/Meeting.  All exhibits must remain in place and staffed during the published hours of such tradeshow/meeting.

AMENDMENT TO RULES: Any and all matters or questions not specifically covered by the Rules and Regulations set forth herein, shall be subject solely to the decision of the Organizer. The Organizer may amend these rules and regulations at any time and all amendments so made shall be binding on all Exhibitors.

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