Click here to view the 2019 SOFIC exhibit tier system.

There have been some changes from previous years. 

There are more tiers than in previous years, but in the past there were multiple ways to qualify within one tier. We took each qualifier and put it in its own tier in an effort to make each tier and qualification easier to understand. We also added the estimate number of companies that will qualify for that tier based off of historial data. The number of companies that would qualify for tiers 1-9 in the 2019 system, is similar to the number of companies that would have qualified for tiers 0-4 in the past system.

Additional highlights are listed below that we want to bring to your attention.


  • The application period will be open August 1 – August 31, 2018. Applications received after August 31, 2018 will automatically be placed on a wait list. ANY company that is interested in exhibiting at SOFIC must submit an application dring the month of August.
  • To qualify for Tiers 1 – 9, NDIA Corporate Membership must be active from August 31, 2018 through the close of 2019 SOFIC. Non-Members will be placed in Tier 10.
  • If your company qualifies for more than one tier, the higher tier will prevail.
  • International (countries, embassy's) and government partners will not need to qualify for a tier, however, an application will still need to be submitted so NDIA is aware of their interest to participate. 
  • Exhibiting at SOFIC only qualifies a company for a tier when the company has exhibited with 600 sq. ft. or more in the previous year.
  • Each tier is laid out with the following descriptors:
    • Tier Number
    • The approximate number of companies that have historically qualified for that tier
    • The qualification that must be meant to be placed in that tier
    • How space will be allocated for that tier
    • The allowance of space for that tier
  • To qualify for a tier by advertising (tiers 5 and 7), advertising can be done throughout the year, not just in specific magazine issues or during specific months.
  • Companies that exhibited with 600 sq. ft. or more in 2018 SOFIC, will have the option to renew their same location. Companies will be able to obtain the same amount of space they had in 2018, but no more than 2,000 sq ft (whichever is less).
  • Once the application period closes, all companies will be assigned a tier. Exhibit space will be allocated starting with tier 1 followed by tier 2 and so on. Should exhibit space sell out before getting through all the tiers, any companies from remaining tiers will automatically be placed at the top of the wait list.

Please contact your Sales and Exhibits & Sponsorships Team with any questions.

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Sarah O'Hanley, Manager, Exhibits & Sponsorships,, 703-247-9460

Abby Abdala, Manager, Exhibits & Sponsorships,, 703-247-9461

Kathleen Kenney, Sales, Director,, 703-247-2576

Alex Mitchell, Sales Coordinator,, 703-247-2568

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