2017 SOFIC - May 15-18, 2017
Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL


2017 SOFIC is sold out with over 90,000 sq ft of display space from the hundreds of applications received in August.  However, you can still

have a presence at SOFIC and heighten your brand's profile for an anticipated 11,000 defense industry professionals attending the exposition

and conference.

Three options to consider:

1. Add your company to the 2017 SOFIC waitlist and we'll contact you if exhibit space becomes available. 
Click to Join The WAIT LIST Opened Nov 1, 2016.

2. Sponsor a SOFIC event or amenity, such as Hydration Stations, Hotel Key Cards, Lunch, Receptions and more.  Contact Allison Carpenter for

more information at ahcarpenter@ndia.org

  3. Apply to exhibit at SOFIC's sister show, Special Operations Low Intensity Conflict or SO/LIC, staging Feb 13-15, 2017 in the Washington,

DC area.  Click Here to view the exhibit page.

When can hotel rooms be reserved?

Official 2017 SOFIC Hotels Are Now Available!

Start your planning for SOFIC early and book your hotel room with onPeak, the only official hotel provider for 2017 SOFIC.  You now have

access to a select amount of the official hotel block in Tampa. Click here to book now

If assistance is needed email onPeak at sofic@onpeak.com or call (888) 254-0937

Third party companies other than onPeak have not been contracted by NDIA to assist you in booking your hotel reservation.
Please contact Ms. Christy Mason at cmason@ndia.org if you have been approached by a third party company other than a representative from


Will the exhibit space sell out in August?
Yes, we usually receive more requests for space then what is available.  All of Tier 1,2,3 were processed into their booth space and 30

companies who were new exhibitors also got a booth.  Tier 4 is still being processed until all the space is taken.  We do not have enough

space for all the comanies in Tier 4 but we are working on getting more space.

Will everyone who applies in August get a booth space?
No, we usually run out of space for companies in Tier 4 and the "Wait List" begins.

Contact Misty Sutherland at S’Land Golf, Inc. Misty@slandgolf.com to sign up for the 2017 Golf Tournament or click Here

NDIA Contacts

Exhibits - Luellen Hoffman 703-247-9460, lhoffman@ndia.org
Sponsorships - Allison H. Carpenter 703-247-2573, ahcarpenter@ndia.org

Advertising - Kathleen Kenney 703-247-2576, kkenney@ndia.org

Conference - Jessica Roman 703-247-9476, jroman@ndia.org

Housing - Christy Mason 703-247-2586, cmason@ndia.org
Membership​​​​​​​​​​ - Michael Kibler 703-247-2571, mkibler@ndia.org

Future SOFIC Dates

May 22-24, 2018
May 28-30, 2019
May 19-21, 2020

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