2017 SOFIC Conference and Exhibition
Exhibit Dates: May 16-18, 2017
Location: Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL
Housing POC: Christy Mason

Official 2017 SOFIC Hotels Are Available!

Start your planning for SOFIC early and book your hotel room with onPeak, the only official hotel provider for 2017 SOFIC.  You now have

access to a select amount of the official hotel block in Tampa.  To book now click here.

If assistance is needed email onPeak at sofic@onpeak.com or call (888) 254-0937

Third party companies other than onPeak have not been contracted by NDIA to assist you in booking your hotel reservation.
Please contact Ms. Christy Mason at cmason@ndia.org if you have been approached by a third party company other than a representative from onPeak.

SCAM Alert - Dec 2016

If you are approached by a group claiming to be The Convention Housing Bureau
offering to buy your hotel reservations prepaid (30% down now and full payment 2 weeks prior to show)
It is a Scam and has nothing to do with NDIA or SOFIC 2017.

Please note: Third party companies have not been contracted by NDIA to assist you in booking your reservation.
The only way to make your reservation is by directly phoning your hotel of choice.

If you have been approached by a third party company to book your hotel rooms - warning.

We have been advised that a company by the name of, “Exhibition Housing Services” is again contacting exhibitors independently and offering

reduced hotel rates for SOFIC exhibitors. The number they gave is 855-265-1061.

Also exhibitors are reporting that an outfit claiming to represent a rooming group offering hotel registration blocks and discounts for
the SOFIC show in Tampa. The first number that showed on my caller ID were 800-217-4402 the second 800-600-4513. The numbers are also from

Exhibition Housing/Exhibition Services. The man who called from the second number said that his name was Alex and gave an extension of 107.

Please know that NDIA has no affiliation with this group and if you reserve a hotel room through them, it is at your own risk.
Meaning if you book a hotel room with them and show up and there is no room or any other problem, we cannot help you.

updated 3/2/2017